Versatility, safety and quality tailored to Accessibility Needs

wheelchair platform is the perfect solution for handicap who want to add an elevator to an existing building but don’t want to take up valuable floor space inside.

Platform stairlift with straight or curved guide rail. EGGEEC offers a range of stairlifts that are perfect for improving accessibility at home, as well as in public places like stores, Hospitals, Clinic and office buildings. EGGEEC stairlifts are the perfect solution for overcoming architectural barriers.

A versatile and extremely comfortable solution for both domestic and public environments. The S11 platform lift is ideal for overcoming the height gaps between the various floors of the house, or for facilitating access to public buildings.



  • 300 KG


  • According to technical specs.

CARRIAGE OPTIONS – Solid or Picket

  • Same side entry/exit with solid lower panels.
  • Pass through with solid lower panels.
  • Pass through with picket lower panels.


  • Auto ramp on carriage.
  • Carriage mounted gate/door.
  • Enclosed carriages get doors and all other carriages get gates.
  • Wiring modification is required if carriage mounted gate or door is selected for a three-landing unit.


  • Sky canopy top included.


  • Safety standard for non-hoist way installations.


  • Installation on left.
  • Installation on right.
  • Installation Vertical.


      Two landings will require two standoffs

    • Same side entry/exit with solid lower panels
    • Pass through with solid lower panels

Lift weight capacity

Does your patient or loved one need a bariatric lift? Handicap lifts have a weight capacity ranging from 150kg right up to 300 Kg.

You should consider whether you are able to manage the combined weight of the patient and the lift. A lift with power steering is a better option if you need extra assistance.

Lift controls

Controls for the lift are usually used by the caregiver and are positioned on the lift unit itself.  Hand-held controllers are also available, suitable for patients who can operate the unit themselves. For most models, the lift is raised and lowered at the touch of a button.

Safety features

Make sure the lift you want to buy has the following safety mechanisms included:

  • Speed controls to make sure the lift doesn’t lower too quickly, and injure the patient
  • Emergency lowering system that allows you to lower the patient in the case of a power outage
  • Secure sling attachment mechanism that prevents the sling from detaching

STRONG AND RELIABLE platform stairlifts are suitable for installation both indoor and outdoor. Versatility, safety and durability: quality tailored to your needs

Making public and private spaces accessible is now even easier. Vertical platform is the solution that adapts to every need, thanks to a configuration flexibility that always focuses on maximum comfort, in compliance with the EN8141 standard.

Controls with ip65 protection for added protection against atmospheric agents redesigned wiring to guarantee reliability in all conditions of use self-levelling at the floor photocell control unit designed for a longer life.

The vertical platform lift’s technical and stylish features, make it a favorite among the best  installation engineers with hydraulic mechanics, metal or grey polycarbonate enclosure, to improve the design and the aesthetics of the lift.

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