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Our professional in-house design team is available to assist with project designs from the ground up. 

We can provide guidance on everything from configuration to design finishes.  Our design team will render designs to a 3D model.



Our EGGEEC Elevator Installation Technicians are industry-leading experts in their field.

Our professionalism and experience are visible in every step of the installation process.


Customers and their equipment have different needs and requirements, we are able to provide custom maintenance plans that are flexible and meet your specific needs.

By applying planned and periodical maintenance, continuous and reliable service time of elevators will be increased and the need for repair will be reduced.



Working closely with you, we develop the right solution to meet all of your requirements, partial modernization or a full replacement for your elevator system.

We also ensure excellence in terms of solution quality, flexibility, precision, and efficiency.

Solution Provider


Experiencing service downtime or frequent breakdowns?

Need general advice on how to handle a service issue, contract issue, or a random invoice?

We are happy to be at your service.

We perform the following:
· Maintenance Inspection.
· Modernization Solutions.

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