Modernization is a critical element in the lifecycle of an elevator

  • Safety
    Safe operation according to the latest regulations.
  • Reliability
    High availability thanks to:
    No break downs.
    Avoid long down time caused by shortage of spare part availability.
    Short down time for preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Improve Performance
    In case of traffic limitations.
    Improve ride quality.

Modernization is Customer Solutions

  • Modernization packages make your elevator young again.
  • Special designed solutions to upgrade the functionality and make it highly reliable.
  • EGGEEC MOD. Solution brings a new style and comfortable space into your building.

EGGEEC modernizes elevators to meet specific needs while increasing comfort and reliability.

We focus on what is essential with flexibility, and a sensible way to increase performance, efficiency and safety.

  • Economical

    Through modernization and utilizing the latest technology, EGGEEC can ensure an economical solution Comfortable to fit the building.

  • Comfortable

    The modernized elevator significantly improves comfort and reliability providing easy operation while ensuring compliance to the latest international and local codes and safety standards.

  • Optimal

    Modernization provides an optimum solution for any elevator and its building, regardless of its age or condition, from minor improvements.

Key Benefits of Partial Modernization

  • New Features
    Upgrade the experience using the lift.
    Better accessibility, intuitive controls Green Elevator.

  • Reliability
    Safe and secure ride with strong and durable parts, all according to latest safety regulations.
  • Availability
    More available for users, less frequent and more efficient interventions, self diagnosis and lubrication-free.
  • Professionalism
    High quality consulting, support and coordination. Quick, clean and with minimal disturbance.

Key Benefits of Modernization Replacement

  • Limitless adaptability
    Adaptable car dimension and door position makes it easy to fit in existing buildings and maximize car space.
  • Reliability and Availability
    Proven solutions for any kind of building, for a smooth operation and long life.
  • Reliability and Availability
    Proven solutions for any kind of building, for a smooth operation and long life.
  • Delightful designs
    Selection from a large range of interior designs.

Modernization to give new life to your elevator

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