EGGEEC Factory

The first Egyptian factory to manufacture electric elevators with Egyptian staff, using the latest production technologies The highest standards of quality and safety in accordance with international specifications.

The factory is located on an area of 60 thousand square meters, In the relocation area of Heliopolis Company Chemical Industries

(Military Factory 81) A number of experts and engineers participated in its construction.

The largest industrial building with an area of 17 thousand square meters “Administrative building, test towers, raw material warehouses, finished product, paint workshops, carpentry workshops, road works and security gates.”

EGGEEC combines technology with infrastructure & integration skills to deliver Elevators Manufacturing solutions that increase efficiency reduce costs & lower environmental impact.

EGGEEC enter Elevator industry to change the future in Egypt for this industry share Market demand and needs. The industry’s focus on market needs to switch from Consuming to Productivity and from the technical product to intelligent Product. Elevator industry include; Lead Time, increase efficiency, cost reductions, and lower environmental impact.

Factory with R&D will no longer end at the factory door – instead it will extend over the entire lifetime of the Elevator. Focusing on Elevator sales to stay ahead of competitors’ manufacturers and redistribute R&D budget, and invest more

Factory Value guaranteeing quality, availability and reliability

Today, technologies are driving change across manufacturing value.

Digital technologies are a powerful tool in helping the industry to improve.

Punching Machine

The Punishing machine 5000 is TRUMPF Brand and it can make holes for 8mm thickness with sheet size 1250×2500 mm and the speed 16650 punch per min.

Laser Machine

We have Laser machine 3040 TRUMPF brand with power 7KW which can make shearing and holes for steel sheets thickness 25mm and stainless-steel sheets 20mm, The sheet size 4000mm X 2000mm.

Bending Machine

Bending Machine 3170 is TRUMPF brand with Load until 170 Tone

In addition, the length of the shearing is 4000mm

Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine is AMADA with 60 Tone to 100 Tone load.

Test Tower

Test Tower is 3 floors with 3 elevators.

It is use for mainly training EGGEEC Fitters, Technicians, and Inspectors in additional quality check for the material and PLs

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