Scope of Service

EGGEEC undertakes to perform the regular maintenance (inspection and preventive maintenance) of the installation(s) for the following units as schedule.

Preventive Maintenance

Methodology for Elevator Maintenance
PM visit = Preventive Service for inspection.
Inspection Visit = inspection Visit by Technician.

Yearly Safety Inspection

Call Center Service

Breakdown Follow-up

  1. PM will daily review the breakdown history of his units  through the daily breakdown report (form). He will then  review and add his signature.

  2. He will follow-up the breakdown, when he considers it  necessary.

  3. He will regard this breakdown as an outstanding item,  resolve it or report to the Maintenance Manager. (form)

  4. The Maintenance Manager monitors the whole maintenance  service.

  5. 24/7 call center service.

Call back and Repair

  • Technician and manpower requirement for entrapment

Entrapment release should be performed by at least two technicians. Once an entrapment case is  acknowledged. Technician leader with appropriate tools should go straight to the respective lift machine, stay  in there to direct and supervise the whole releasing procedure. Second technician should communicate with  property management closely and standby near the entrapment location. While involving manual release  procedures, additional technician is required to work with the leader in lift machine room.

  • Scheduled major repair

It is necessary to record all critical operation data into a comprehensive database. By using such database,  equipment conditions such as wear and tear of ropes, life span of critical relays, contactors and circuit print  could be predicted. In addition, it is possible to schedule major repairing work and arrange relevant  manpower.

  • Major repair

Once if breakdown involves replacement of mechanical maintenance team is unable to resolve it,  Maintenance Manager /PM should report the case to Technical support to get their involvement of the  fixing work.

Major repair / Maintenance team should therefore prepare relevant material and tools to respond the breakdown as soon as they can. If required material is not available, Major repair team should report the case to Maintenance Manager to seek for further actions

Periodic Safety Inspection

Spare Parts and Project Warehouse

  • We keep adequate spare parts
  • All the spare parts should be categorized and located properly in a lockable cabinet.
  • Some large and expensive spare parts (e.g. escalator converter) kept according to portfolio.
  • EGGEEC repairs or replaces of all parts which have become unusable through wear such as, for example, overspeed governor, brakes, mechanical floor selectors, door drive, safety gear, and deflector sheave in order to ensure the safety in accordance with the legal regulations for elevators and escalators.
  • At regular intervals EGGEEC changes the oil in the drive unit(s) of the elevator and escalators according to the manufacturer’s instructions and properly disposes of the old oil. replaces damaged or faulty lamps in the car during the regular inspection and preventive maintenance of the elevator installation(s).

Multi-brand Maintenance

EGGEEC global Strategy for 3rd party product maintenance

  1. Ensure the same Safety standards as we have for EGGEEC equipment.

  2. Improve capabilities in the field organization to maintain E&E 3rd  party units with the same efficiency and as close as possible  quality as EGGEEC units.

  3. Remove barriers to support customers to maintain 3rd  party units.

Technical Skills / Training Center Equipment

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