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Hoistway Railings Installation

MRA : Machine Room Above

MRL : Machine Room Less

Passenger Elevators

Are you ready to travel between floors in comfort with efficient and reliable passenger lifts? Passenger lifts can add huge value to any building, whether it is an office block, residential flats, or even a high street shop.

Within the diverse range of passenger lifts we provide you many simple, smart and effective safety features.

Home Elevators

Here at EGGEEC, we completely understand the necessity behind good levels of accessibility, and when your home simply can’t accommodate your needs effectively.

Our domestic lifts are able to travel between floors on self-supporting stilts which effectively carry the weight of the home lift.


Panoramic Elevator allows passengers to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride experience, but also overlooks the scenery outside the elevator from a flowing perspective during the short ride; the beautiful and elegant appearance adds beauty to your building and becomes a very unique experience during your journey.


Have a good ride at Hotel, Shopping Complex & entertainment facility.

Silence and Comfort. The new Generation has inherited the traditional safety, reliability, high efficiency style combined with updated market trends as well as tailored solutions.


Mobility carries several commercial dumbwaiter models, all are designed to provide a safe and reliable means of vertically transporting goods in a multi-floor building environment. Now there’s no need for you to carry heavy items up and down your stairs, putting yourself at risk of an accident or injury. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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