Ride Comfort Product

Passenger Elevators

VEION Elevators MRA\MRL Operated ride comfort to Elevate passenger peaceful and comfort riding, Elevators operates with highly digital technology control with variable voltage variable frequency technology and group control to let passengers fell quick and quite with intelligent group control system.

Machine Room Above

The small machine room passenger elevator adopts an energy-efficient, low-speed, permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machine.

Compared with a geared elevator with equivalent load level, it saves about 33% of energy. The specially designed small-size control cabinet combines the most advanced low-loss IGBTs and the best design solutions to make the room space perfectly arranged.

The elevator without machine room passengers is well aware of the concept of environmental protection, saving energy and reducing consumption, saving floor space and improving design freedom. Compared with geared elevators of the same load class, energy savings are more than 33%.

VEION machine room passenger lift broke through the premise that the elevator must set up a machine room, providing perfect creation for the limited space of modern architecture.

Machine Room Less

Bed Elevator

EGGEEC high quality medical elevator is developed on demand of medical institution.

Safety and Reliability

Complete security technology system ensure safe operation of the elevators.

EMC electromagnetic compatibility 

The elevator can resist the electromagnetic interference of medical devices to meet demand of medical system.

Deferred closing button

The elevator is equipped with deferred closing button to delay the closing so as to guarantee personal safety of medical staff.

Optimized lift car structure

The lift car enable heavy load with satisfactory depth so it can hold sickbeds.

Freight Elevator MRA\MRL

The Elevator is especially designed for transportation of cargoes with many wide doors opening models ensuring transportation for cargoes.

Consider Practicality

Considering the size of cargoes is the key for door design and model  we have multiple methods for opening to ensure the width of door opening.

Proven Safety

Based on Standardized safety device, the slippery resistance as well as the leveling accuracy configuration is improved to ensure the precise leveling for cargo transportation.

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